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Hey Arnold!

Move It Footballhead!

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welcome rules
Welcome to hey_arnold!

This community was created by _melmel_ in 2003, and was the first Hey Arnold! community ever to grace the pages of Livejournal. She has since handed the community over to new mods, who want to ensure that this community continues to thrive as the #1 HA! hotspot here on LJ and one of the most active HA! communities on the internet.

Feel free to post anything you want about HA! fandom in general, including, but not limited to, icons, fanart, news, discussion, screencaps...
1) Be nice!

2) If your post is enormous and/or contains lots of pics, please consider an LJ-cut.

3) All ratings okay! All het/slash/gen okay! Just keep anything Not Work Safe behind a trusty LJ-cut, please and thanks.

4) Never eat raspberries.
links mods, etc.