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I was looking through some of the old posts in the community, and someone once mentioned wanting the songs from the episode What's Opera, Arnold? in .mp3 format. After searching, I could only find one of Helga's songs for download So, having free time, I thought I might remedy this.

Here all of the songs from that episode in .mp3 format. They sound pretty good, if you don't mind the background sounds - I ripped them straight from the episode. I'm not sure about the name of the music in the actual opera, so I merely named them after the nature of the scene.

Arnold and Ruth
Helga's A Viking!
Helga Takes Over
Curlamillo Steps In
The Fight

Plus, just to make it easier to listen to, I've threaded all the songs together into one simple music file. They each fade into one the next, so it's smooth.

All the songs, threaded together in a single .mp3

If something goes wrong with accessing the download/thefile - and believe me, it's quite possible; yousendit's been strange lately - let me know and I'll try uploading them again. Also let me know if the upload runs out - I'll upload it again.

I just did this for fun, so take if you'd like. <3
Tags: !official: music
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