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Mod Post - "Moderation Lifted"

Hey guys!  Long time, not see!!

I just wanted to give to give the community a heads up that I've lifted the moderation restriction on posting for this community.  We don't get much traffic as it is, and the reason we started moderating in the first place was because of some really bad spam a few YEARS ago.  As it stands, I still follow and watch this community so if I see an influx of spam I'll put  everything back under moderation, but in the mean time we're going back to being an unmoderated community.  No more waiting for me to check my emails to see your posts appear!  :D

EDIT 6/11/16: NEVERMIND!  I just had to delete a nice spam post so I guess the coast still isn't clear.  Sorry guys, moderation is back on.  :\


Shortaki Week 2016 - A Helga/Arnold Fan Fest


Hello Hey Arnold! fandom! Welcome to Shortaki Week 2016, which will run from July 2, 2016 to July 9, 2016! The purpose of this week-long event is to celebrate the timeless pairing that is Helga/Arnold through the creation of new fanworks!

So how does this work? It’s super easy! A theme/prompt has been designated for each day between the 2nd and 9th of July. Participants choose however many prompts they want! On your prompt’s designated day(s) you post the work to tumblr using the tag #shortakiweek (must be in the first 5 tags!), either in its entirety or as a crosspost, and we reblog it to the community!

  • Day 1 - Growing Pains

  • Day 2 - Correspondence

  • Day 3 - Magic

  • Day 4 - First Time

  • Day 5 - Travelling

  • Day 6 - Family

  • Day 7 - Regret / Creator’s Choice

We encourage everyone who’s interested to participate and will be accepting a wide range of fanworks (i.e., fics, art, amv’s, cosplays, graphics, podfics, music, crafts, etc) so no one feels excluded! Not the creative sort? No worries! We still need moderators!

Let's breathe some life back into our wonderful fandom and have fun doing it!


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Hey Arnold! stickers at HotTopic

Hey all, it looks like HotTopic has gotten some Hey Arnold! merchandise once again.  I found this Helga & Arnold sticker in the store, and according to the website, there's a second design featuring just Arnold.  I picked up a few of the Helga/Arnold stickers, which are priced at $2.99. Definitely going to play the Olga and send one to my "Baby Sister" for a nice surprise. ;)

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Craig answered a bunch of my questions!! (7 of them ^.^), and a video!

Hey, guys!!
Hope you all are still keeping the faith for TJM, and beyond!! We, the fans at Facebook/DeviantArt (and Craig) are still going strong, and we are soo almost there, I can feel it! ^.^

SO... I emailed Craig... and he answered a bunch of my questions! ^o^ He's so awesome!! (I met him recently when some of us went to the Hey Arnold! SoCal event thingie.) These are just some questions that I've seen be asked around quite frequently, and ones that I was wondering too.

Here's the questions/his answers! *o* (Some are kind of surprising, if you ask me.)

Collapse )

Hey Arnold 6th Season Project Pulling Out of Hiatus


For those of you who don't know me, my name is Tendra91.  Back in 2009, Funnybones021 and I created a project called the "Hey Arnold!" 6th Season (HA6S) Project.  This is a collaborative project where multiple fans came together to produce sixth season episodes of Hey Arnold! in comic form.  We have had moderate success in the past, with multiple story outlines produced, several scripts written, and many pieces of beautiful artwork created.  We were put in hiatus in 2012, and we would like to change that!  The HA6S project is coming out of hiatus, and we need your support!  Please spread the word around, and visit our new intro website http://ha6s.weebly.com for more info.  You can join as a staff team member there and join us at our forums at http://ha6s.forumotion.com.  Hope to see you there!

Pulling out of Hiatus
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HA - "Valentine's Day"

Hey guys! I don't know if cecilegrey is going to be posting anything tomorrow (fingers crossed though!), but I figured I'd just pipe in to do a few reminders! The big one is a bump on the old HA! anonymous fic meme!

Still open and still ready for your prompts/fills! :D

Second, even further back there was just a general anon meme that you should also check out!


Last, if you're an HA! fan who'd like to get involved in saving the series/jungle movie I urge you to check out Operation: Ruthless - a website dedicated to getting HA! back in the limelight.